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Literacy Clinic at Utah State University

Under the guidance of Dr. Cindy Jones, Literacy Clinic Director, the goals of this community outreach program are to aid parents and public schools in helping children develop reading and writing skills, provide teacher candidates mentored training in literacy instruction, and support reading specialists through continuing education and professional development.

Established in 2013, the Literacy Clinic is housed in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University.

services in action


  1. Tutoring for students in Grades K-6 who are above, at, or below grade level readers.
  2. The literacy strengths and needs of each child determined through diagnostic testing (also available as a separate service).
  3. A targeted intervention plan is developed for each child.
  4. Emphasis is on developmental instruction and positive learning experiences.
Parents observing


“[In 2 months,] she has made 6 months of growth in her reading scores at school, and I can contribute that to the instruction and writing of the Literacy Clinic.”
   —Melanie Pond, Parent

“It’s a happy place for learning. It’s a good environment to move forward in your literacy skills and reading ambition.”
   —Rachel Chase, Parent



Teacher Training

  1. Register for ELED 4040.
  2. Assess student to develop reading goals.
  3. Design & implement reading and/or writing lessons.
  4. Receive immediate feedback on daily lessons & teaching.


  1. Registration applications are accepted at any time. Early registration is recommended. Placement is made based on appropriate availability.
  2. Fall tutoring sessions begin in September.
  3. Spring tutoring sessions begin in February.

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